Fancy Tshirt Design AHT Wheel of Fortune

AHT Wheel of Fortune

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The Aquarian Hermetic Tarot (AHT) is a standard 78 cards Tarot deck based on the Hermetic principles, and focusing on the architecture of this Tarot deck, its astrological foundation and the alchemical connection. The design of the Minor Arcana cards is pattern-based, representing the design of the regular playing cards. The significant Arcana cards are geometrical drawings based on every card’s content.

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Let’s Celebrates the Creative Entrepreneurs Across the Globe

In general, Etsy sellers are more likely to be much more diverse concerning gender, age, geography, sexuality, race and ethnicity than conventional entrepreneurs.

  • 87 percent of Etsy sellers identify as women
  • Over 60 percent of Etsy vendors are under the age of 45.
  • 28% are from rural areas
  • In the US, 9 percent of sellers identify as LGBTQ, vs. roughly 5 percent of total business owners
  • Etsy sellers are microbusinesses with nuanced motivations
    • 80% of sellers are businesses of one
    • 97% run the creative business from their house
  • Making a difference to families and local markets
    • 43% of sellers have somebody that rely on them financially
    • Etsy sellers generated $5.37 billion in total economic output to the US economy in 2018.
  • While Etsy has always functioned as an incubator and champion of women entrepreneurship, this year’s record shines a light into why our system may appeal to the particular needs of women entrepreneurs. Women selling on Etsy are twice as likely as men to have begun their business whilst caring for a family member or not able to work outside the home. They’re also more motivated by flexibility to begin their imaginative business and value it once started. So, Etsy helps to supply the flexibility and creative fulfilment that they desire.

    We know that innovative entrepreneurship is a strong force, providing supplemental income and tasks to makers while helping to drive local economic development and revitalize cities. However, this important community of microbusinesses is frequently overlooked as an engine of economic growth and empowerment. We are eager to carry this message right to policymakers in Washington this week.
    Ilyssa Meyer manages public policy and policy study for Etsy’s advocacy group, where she leads our seller engagement efforts. She is enthusiastic about crafting assistance for problems that matter to the Etsy community whatsoever levels of government.
    * As of December 31, 2018.
    Together with the release of our new report, we are carrying a group of vendors from throughout the country to Capitol Hill to discuss their story with Congress. We’ve teamed up with vendors from around the US to take their stories directly to Washington to get a seller fly . For the following two days, sellers are storming the halls of Congress to help bring the data to life. You can follow the activity through #EtsyGoesToWashington.

    Today, Etsy is releasing our latest seller census file, Celebrating Creative Entrepreneurship Across the Globe, which features data from around our core markets, in addition to country-specific reports. Our Global Seller Census Report highlights the numerous ways that Etsy acts as both an incubator and champion of entrepreneurship, especially for girls.

    During our trip, Etsy sellers will discuss topics of great value to their microbusinesses like net sales tax, international shipping, internet access, and economic security. We will also demonstrate the tremendous economic effect Etsy vendors have had on the national market, and ways to support sellers within an engine of local economic growth.

    As the economy continues to change in ways which make creative entrepreneurship much more accessible, Etsy vendors’ experiences will inform our understanding of the future of job. There are 2.1 million Etsy active vendors around the world –all whom are drivers of both financial effect and personal empowerment. * As a community, they’re emblematic of a near future of work that values the human touch, and we’re proud to observe them, everyday.

    Below are some of the findings from our 2019 Global Seller Census:

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    Something Special For Your Mums

    Show your admiration, and keep the manual, here:
    To that end, the Etsy Mother’s Day Gift Guide is split up into six broad sections to readily find something special for your mums on your life this season, whether she is your own ma, your partner, or a beloved friend.

    Motherhood frequently comes with categories: you are an’old mum’ if you are over 35. You have a loaded pair of stereotypes to contend with if you are a’adolescent mommy’. ‘Working mums’ are predicted to fight with’mommy guilt’ and’stay-at-home mums’ together with the notion they somehow have a simple ride. But life does not neatly fit into boxes and neither do people, so this Mother’s Day, we’re observing all mums exactly as they are.

    We’re all different. Let’s ditch the stereotypes and embrace mums for who they’re the Mother’s Day — and every day.

    Maybe you want to place somewhat more thought in compared to floral odor? Visit the’In bloom’ category for gorgeous floral-themed candles, flower decor, jewellery and maybe even spring watercolour biscuits from Biscuit and Crumb. Perhaps some pampering is in order? When is it not?! For new mums, it is a special day indeed. Share your solidarity with Alphabet Bags’‘No Rest for your With Kid’ baby bag or Made by Cooper’s luxurious pillow mist — Frankincense, Lavender and Chamomile may make drifting off to sleep multiple times each night that more bearable.

    Finally, don’t forget a card! With such a huge array of talented designer makers on Etsy, you are guaranteed to find the perfect compliments. Read the’Printed perfection’ segment to pick up something she’ll love.

    If mum is well passed the toddler phase now, you can not fail with snacks for the house or personalised treats. ‘Must-haves for your home’ includes superbly designed decanters, bird boxes and teapots and’Personal touch’, all your customisable gifts: Enjoy and Paws family portraits are something to treasure; as are Minetta Jewellery’s kid’s drawing bracelets. Her small one’s art near her heart — surely there is nothing sweeter?

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